There is no official “standard” when it comes to Cyber Insurance Policies. Each underwriter creates its own unique definition of coverage and set of exclusions. These requirements are governed by the responses you give when you apply for coverage. How does a Cyber Insurance Assessment help you get paid?

This site is maintained as a collaboration between Syntricity Networks, an IT services provider and Business Intelligence Group. Both companies primarily serve businesses that have some regulatory obligation to protect their customers' information.

Syntricity started from "day one" providing services in the healthcare sector and maintains a Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer on staff. As a Business Associate (per HIPAA regulations) to our healthcare clients, our staff is routinely trained on HIPAA. The company now works with clients in other sectors such as legal, real estate, education, and finance. All services are supported by our in-house Certified Chief Information Security Officer

 Business Intelligence Group provides compliance and related consulting to owners, directors, and executives. B I Group provides the certified personnel we use.

Over the past year, both organizations have seen significant growth in the discussions surrounding cyber insurance. We began studying and trying to fully understand the offerings available. What we discovered is a complex mixture of requirements, coverages, and pay or not pay conditions. Being in the Information Technology and compliance space, we felt it our duty to do everything we can to help our clients not only understand cyber insurance but also have the necessary supporting policies, procedures and related documentary evidence to successfully submit and get paid for a claim if ever needed.

Our organizations have already been doing our part to keep our clients cyber-safe with secure and compliant computing networks, wi-fi and telecommunications. Now, we've added a detailed cyber insurance assessment. It includes everything insurance companies will want in order for them to consider paying a claim.

We hope you find value in the collection of articles we read ourselves daily to stay informed. If you find that your organization could benefit from a Cyber Insurance Assessment, reach out and let's discuss what's involved. We will even share sample reports with you. Just ask!

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